Old West Indian Police Badge

The Old West Indian Police Badge was a badge worn by Indian Affairs officers who were responsible for maintaining law and order in the American West during the late 19th century. These officers had to settle disputes between various Native American tribes and settlers who were moving into their territories.

The badge is made of metal with an antique brass finish, and it measures 2 inches by 2.5 inches in size. It typically features a circular shape with an ornate design that includes various symbols, such as a Native American headdress, a tomahawk, and arrows. The badge may also have the words "Indian Police" or "Indian Affairs" engraved on it.

This badge would have been worn prominently by Indian Affairs officers as a symbol of their authority and to identify themselves to others. It was a way for them to show that they were representatives of the government and had the power to enforce the law. Today, these badges are sought after by collectors of Old West memorabilia and are considered valuable artifacts of a bygone era.

Antique Brass Finish Size: 2 inches x 2.5 inches

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