Damascus Scottish Dirk

Our Damacus Scottish dirk, which is a traditional Scottish knife. The dirk is notable for having an exquisite blade made from Damascus steel, which is known for its distinctive swirling patterns created during the forging process.

The handle of the dirk is made from wood and has brass inlay and studs, giving it an ornate appearance. The overall length of the dirk is 20.5 inches, which makes it quite imposing.

Additionally, the dirk comes with a scabbard made from rich brown leather, which can accommodate a belt of up to 3 inches in width. This means that the dirk can be worn on the belt for easy access, making it a practical as well as decorative addition to any collection.

Key Features:
Made from Damascus steel
A beautiful carved hardwood handle
Includes a sheath

Overall Length: 20.5 Inches
Blade Length: 14 Inches
Blade Width: 1.75 Inches
Blade Thickness: 3/16 an Inch
Weight: 1 lb.

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