15th Century German War Hammer

This 15th Century German War Hammer was made for armored opponents, possessing a hand-held size that packs a potent punch against any who stand in the way of its swing. War hammers particularly gained in popularity as armor evolved from the efficient and effective chainmail to the much more protective plate armor, mostly because while blades bounce off of plate, hammers and blunt force weapons tend do damage, regardless of armor penetration.

Based on a museum piece, this German war hammer possesses an all hardwood haft. The upper edge of the haft features an attached hammer head with long metal supports on the haft, which reinforces the design and allows it to take force and impact with greater durability. The hammer head itself features a reversed spike on the other end, for back-swings that are capable of hooking and piercing. Justifiably a frightening weapon, this 15th Century German War Hammer is the near-perfect counter to plated armor, offering a smaller size for quick use with all the qualities that warriors tend to favor in a good, solid war hammer.

Standard Length is 21-1/2''.  Hammer is 5-1/8''.

Key Features:
A War Hammer Design from the 1400s
Features a Hand Crafted Carbon Steel Head
Mounted on a Hardwood Haft
Reinforced Langets are Adorned with Brass Rivets
Weight: approx. 2.14 lbs

Please Note: Usually ships in 6 - 12 weeks
Hand Made: Specs may vary from war hammer to war hammer

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