William Wallace Braveheart Claymore

The great Scottish hero, William Wallace, and his band of lowlanders bested a superior English force of 50,000 at Stirling Bridge in 1297. In his ongoing challenge of Edward I he also laid waste to several counties in the north of England. These early attacks inspired Scottish Nationalism that culminated with the achievement of independence under Robert The Bruce. 

This replica is just like the one used in the movie Braveheart and more importantly is a close replication of the sword used by some highland warriors in history. This effective warriors sword lacks unnecessary decoration and has a long and straight, fully tempered AISI 440 stainless steel blade. The guard is a narrow crossbar. The Zamak grip is wire wrapped leather with additional  leather-wrapping around the base of the blade. This serves a functional purpose as a place to grab when extra leverage is needed. Decorative use only. Intended for wall decor, displays, home or office decor or for costume.

Key Features:
Made of Stainless Steel
Grip is Wire with Leather Grip
Great For Office Display.

Overall Length: 52-3/8 Inches


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