Celtic Lamellar Leather Armor - Black

The Celtic Lamellar Leather Armor in black by Epic Armoury. This exquisite cuirass is designed to provide superior protection to the torso, featuring a reinforced leather breastplate and a stiff backplate. Crafted from overlapping, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, this cuirass offers excellent flexibility while effectively deflecting blows. Embellished with golden runic stamps and sturdy leather cord stitching, this armor exudes a captivating Celtic aesthetic.

The Celtic Lamellar is specially tailored to cater to the Gaelic tradition, making it an ideal choice for agile and swift soldiers, as well as skilled skirmishers. The cuirass is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury leather and metal armor pieces, allowing you to customize your ensemble to suit your unique style. The adjustable flanks, secured by three long leather straps and brass buckles, ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

This armor is available in two timeless colors, black and brown, and two size options: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Whether you seek to embody the spirit of a Celtic warrior or wish to create your own distinct character, the Celtic Lamellar is a versatile and formidable choice.

* Full Grain Leather
* Full Range of Movement
* Adjustable Side Straps
* Easy to Wear and Comfortable
* Compatible with our other LARP Armor Pieces
* Fit’s a Variety of Character Types

Chest: 36-44 inches (102-122cm)
Length: 24 inches (61cm)

Large/Extra Large
Chest: 40-48 inches (102-122cm)
Length: 28 inches (71cm)

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Celtic and Gaelic tribes were renowned for their lightly armored warriors.
Inspired by the lamellar armor worn by Vikings, which typically consisted of small iron plates.

As you stand on the battlefield, clad in your Celtic Lamellar Leather Armor, your laughter reverberates through the air, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. They hesitate to face you, believing you to be a fearless and crazed warrior. Perhaps they are right, for the rush of adrenaline surges through your veins, filling you with intoxicating exhilaration.

Undeterred by their reluctance, you take matters into your own hands. With a swift and decisive strike, you bring the fight to them. A hapless soldier's feeble attempt to harm you is futile against the sturdy defense of your Celtic Lamellar. The impact barely leaves a scratch, and you relish in the terror that fills his eyes as you deliver a powerful blow with your axe.

You are Raynor Ironshood, a name that instills fear in the hearts of your adversaries. Let them tremble and cower before your might. Let them fear your unstoppable presence on the battlefield. With the Celtic Lamellar as your trusted armor, you are a force to be reckoned with, a warrior unmatched in strength and determination.

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