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Pelican in her Piety Pewter Pendant

Our Pelican in Her Piety Pewter Pendant measures 2 inches by 2 inches in diameter and comes on a 36 inches long black cotton 2.5 mm cord ready to wear. It is cast from lead free pewter in the USA. This Pelican in Her Piety Pewter Pendant is the perfect edition to add the finishing touch to a medieval or renaissance garment. It was ancient belief that, if a pelican was unable to find enough food to feed her young, she would peck at her own breast and feed the drops of blood to her young. It is because of this belief that the pelican has long been a symbol of selflessness and charity. In the 13th century, this figure became widely used in Christian art to represent Christ's voluntary sacrifice. In the SCA it is the symbol of a member of the Order of the Pelican.
Key Features:
Made in the USA
Handmade from Pewter
A great costume accessory 

2 inches by 2 inches in diameter

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