Basic Leather Armour - Breastplate N Backplate Set - Brown

The Basic Leather Armour - Breastplate and Backplate Set in brown is a versatile and customizable armor option. It includes both the front and back pieces of the armor, providing protection to the torso. This armor is suitable for a wide range of characters and can be easily personalized by adding accessories or additional armor pieces such as pauldrons or a combat belt.

While this armor is ideal for men-at-arms, rangers, guards, or militiamen, its simple and efficient design also makes it suitable for darker or rogue-like characters in live-action role-playing (LARP) settings. Whether you're portraying a bandit, thief, or any other rogue character, this armor can be adapted to suit your needs. Available in brown leather. Four sizes.

* 9-10 oz leather
* Closes in Back
* Holes for attaching Pauldrons
* Adjustable Straps
* Great for LARP or Faire
* Can be worn with Pauldrons, Bracers and Greaves

Chest Measurements:
Medium: Medium: 32 to 38 inches
Large: Large: 38 to 44 inches
X-Large: 44 to 50 inches
XX-Large: 50 to 56 inches

Material: Genuine Leather: 9-10 oz (4 mm)
Manufacturer: Les Artisans d'Azure

****Please Note, This is a handmade item and usually ships in 4-6 weeks.***


Gunter, in his Basic Leather Armour, was grateful for the protection it provided. The sturdy leather plates absorbed the impact of the tree trunk, saving him from serious injury. Taking cover behind a fallen tree, Gunter assessed the situation, his heart pounding with adrenaline.

With a calm determination, he notched an arrow on his composite bow, his trained hands finding their familiar grip. The ranger focused his gaze on the giant's head, its grotesque features contorted in hunger. Gunter reminded himself that he was a seasoned frontier ranger, well-versed in facing dangerous creatures.

Drawing his bowstring taut, Gunter aimed with precision, the arrow finding its mark. The giant roared in pain as the arrow pierced its flesh, but it only fueled its rage. Gunter swiftly nocked another arrow, his movements fluid and practiced. The hounds circled the giant, distracting it from Gunter's deadly aim.

With each arrow released, Gunter's confidence grew. The giant's roars turned into pained howls as its strength waned. It was a battle of endurance, a clash of skill and determination. Gunter's leather armor allowed him the agility he needed to evade the giant's attacks while offering crucial protection.

As the sun began to set, Gunter stood victorious over the defeated giant. His dogs barked in triumph, their loyalty unwavering. Gunter took a moment to catch his breath, wiping the sweat from his brow. He couldn't help but feel grateful for his Basic Leather Armour, a reliable companion in his perilous adventures.

With a sense of accomplishment, Gunter resumed his hunt, knowing that he was well-prepared for whatever challenges lay ahead. The forest whispered its secrets, and Gunter listened, ready to face the next adventure with unwavering courage and the protection of his trusted leather armor.

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