Faceless Man Drilled Brass Coin

Brass replica of the iron coin given to Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. Arya Stark receives the iron coin in the course of her travels and initially discounts it as valueless. As it happens, this is not a coin in the usual sense, but a recognition token for members of the Faceless Man organization, a secretive mafia-like guild of assassins trained to alter their faces at will by both rigorous training and a form of magic. In the story, if someone gives you this coin and says the phrase- “Valar Morghulis”, then you have got to say the proper response- “Valar Dohaeris” in order to save your life. Arya eventually comes to understand the significance of the coin, along with us, as the story progresses.

This piece is actually a replica of the iron coin, made of cartridge brass using the same hand-cut steel dies as the original, and cancelled by drilling. 5 grams, 26 mm in diameter. Comes with a split ring for putting on a necklace, key ring, zipper, sword frog, etc.

It is undated like most ancient coins but is thought to have been struck in Valyria sometime in the first century after Aegon. (about 100 years ago as we enter the tale) Earlier versions of this coin have been seen that use the archaic spelling of the word "Morghulis" without the silent "H". The coin you will receive is from the most recent pressing and includes the silent "H" of "MORGHULIS".

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