Medieval Cooking Pot 2 Gal CP-55

Our Medieval Cooking Pot 2 Gallon size will add a bit of realism to your medieval camp. These cauldrons are designed to be used over an open fire (or gas burner). This size Cooking Pot includes a well-fitted lid and carrying handle. Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil and made from pure gray cast iron. This size is getting into a larger cooking cauldron size and is used for everything from cooking whole chickens to meat roasts. Used in the modern world for camping. Cook stews, jambalayas, paellas, seafood, Fish Fries, Beans, Turkeys, Roasts and anything you can cook over an outdoor fire. Great for cooking over LP gas burners or open fires.
Height - 10.75"
Width - 11.5"
Capacity - 2 Gallon
Weight - 30 lbs

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