Leather Dark Age Warrior Package

Our popular leather Dark Age Warrior armour is now available as a complete set of armour. The Leather Dark Age Warrior Package Includes breastplate, back plate with shoulder straps. Fitted with adjustable side straps and Buckles. The leather armor is light weight and provides ventilation for hot climates. The pauldrons and tassets are optional. Leather half arm armour includes Lower Cannons with 1/4" Thick leather Elbow Cops and Round Fans. Comes with all Straps and Buckles. Leather leg armour includes articulated Upper Cuisses which reach about mid-thigh. 1/4" Thick Leather Knee Cop with round Fans and demi greaves. Also includes the lower greaves. Comes with all Straps and Buckles. The entire leather armour package can be made from your choice of either 13-15oz Armour grade leather Plates or 8-10oz lighter LARP leather Plates. Available in a wide variety of colors. (Other items not included)

Please include your measurements when ordering.

The complete harness includes a
· Leather Cuirass (breast & back plates)
· Optional Pauldrons and Tassets
· Leather Half Arm Armour
· Full Leather leg armour with Greaves

Leather Color Samples
SKU#: BTS-5100
MSRP: $1,300.00

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  • 13-15oz Armour Grade
  • S/M (32-43")
  • Black
  • Steel
  • No Tassets
  • No Pauldrons
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