Fires at Midnight Music CD

Fires at Midnight, Renaissance style music CD from Blackmore's Night. The album was released in the USA, July 2001 through Steamhammer Label. Features legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and vocalist Candice Night. 17 songs.

1. Written in the Stars.
2. The Times They Are a Changin (Bob Dylan)
3. I Still Remember.
4. Home Again.
5. Crowning of the King.
6. Fayre Thee Well.
7. Fires at Midnight.
8. Hanging Tree.

9. The Storm.
10. Mid Winter's Night.
11. All Because of You
12. Waiting Just for You.
13. Praetorius (Courante).
14. Benzai-Ten.
15. Village on the Sand.
16. Again Someday.
17. Sake of the Song.

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