Roman Imperial Italic C Helmet - 18 Gauge

This Roman Imperial Italic C Helmet is a good rendition of a bronze helmet from the third quarter of the 1st century AD. Simple and basic, it appears to have been widely used, as at least four examples have been found of this type, including one from Cremona, one from Kiel and another from the Po Valley. The example from Cremona seems securely dated to one of the two battles that took place near this city during the Year of the Four Emperors, AD 69.

It is similar to the Italic B in basic form, but is made of brass and has a much larger neck guard. The type lacks much of the applied decoration found on many Imperial Italic and Gallic helmets, indicating it may have been something of an (entry level) helmet for legionaries.

Our Roman Imperial Italic C Helmet from Cremona is made from 18 gauge brass. The inside of the helm is blackened and unlined; included with the helmet is a separate padded cotton arming cap. The cheekplates are hinged and fitted with two small rings to tie a chin strap onto (chin strap not included). A slot atop to the helm can be used to slot a crest holder onto; two hooks on the helm can also be used to tie stabilizing cords to the crest to secure it into position. (Crest holder not included).

Front to Back: 8 inches
Side to Side: 6 inches
Interior Circumference: 25 inches
Weight: 3 lb 8.1 oz

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.
Also: It is common for these helmets to be tarnished. Its appearance can be greatly improved with a metal polish.

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