Roman Coolus C Helmet Brass AH-6055-N

This Roman Coolus C Helmet is made from 18 gauge Brass and fully functional. This design is based on a coolus helmet found at Liechtenstein. Great for display or for Roman Re-enactment use this coolus helm does not have a plume spike. The Roman group of Coolus helmets was based on a Gallic form of helmet made in the Coolus district of Marne. This group of Roman helmets covered the period from the 3rd century BC to around 79AD. These simple Roman helms consisted of a hemispherical bowl made from bronze and had a reinforcing peak that ran horizontally across the brow and had a larger extension in the back as a neck guard.

The interior of the helm is blackened and unlined. The cheekplates of the helmet are hinged. Included with the helmet is a separate padded cotton arming cap.

Front to Back: 7 inches
Side to Side: 7 inches
Interior Circumference: 25 inches
Weight: 2 lb 14 oz

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.

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