Leather Behan Breastplate

The Leather Behan Breastplate, a versatile and sturdy armor perfect for medieval and fantasy events. This exceptional piece is specially designed for rangers, bandits, adventurers, and rogues in LARP, allowing you to embody your chosen character with style and authenticity.

Crafted from thick leather measuring 9-10 oz / 4mm in thickness, our Behan Breastplate ensures durability and reliable protection during your LARP battles and adventures. The flexible leather straps, made from 5-6 oz / 2mm leather, provide both comfort and mobility, allowing you to move with ease while maintaining a secure fit. The antique brass-plated rivets and buckles add a touch of rustic charm while ensuring sturdy and reliable fastening.

To accommodate various waist sizes, we offer the Leather Behan Breastplate in multiple options:
Medium: 32 to 38 inches - 81cm to 97cm
Large: 38 to 44 inches - 97cm to 112 cm
X-large: 44 to 50 inches - 112cm to 127cm
2X-large: 50 to 56 inches - 127cm to 142cm

Thick Leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
Flexible Leather 5-6 oz / 2mm (Straps)
Antique Brass-plated Rivets & Buckles

Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, our Leather Behan Breastplate is crafted in Quebec, Canada by skilled artisans from Les Artisans d'Azure. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure superior quality and authenticity, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of LARP and embrace the role of your chosen character.

Equip yourself with the Leather Behan Breastplate and unleash your imagination. Whether you're a ranger patrolling the depths of the forest, a cunning bandit plotting your next heist, or a daring adventurer seeking treasures untold, this breastplate will enhance your presence on the LARP battlefield and add an extra layer of realism to your character's persona. Prepare for your next epic adventure and stand out among your fellow LARP enthusiasts with our exceptional Leather Behan Breastplate.

****Please Note, This is a handmade, custom item and usually ships in 6-10 weeks.***

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