Latex Axes, Maces and Hammers

Latex Axes and Maces From Eagle Flex are Tough Safe NERO Approved
Live Action Role Play Battle Axes and Maces from Eagle Flex
NERO Approved!

Cleaver Latex Axe for LARP

Cleaver Latex Axe for LARP
The Cleaver Axe for LARP, is a foam latex Single Hand Axe made with the highest quality materials for live action role play (LARP) from Iron Fortress. This Single Hand Axe has wickedly shaped Axe Head. 28 inches overall. 
Price: $69.99

Paint for LARP Weapons

Paint for Weapons 65-2-58
Our Paint for Weapons is made for the hilts or the blades of your weapons. Can also be used for painting shields.
Price: $8.00
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